Looking for a shoulder massage in Bristol?

Do you suffer from neck pain? This can be caused by inflammation, whiplash, sleeping in the wrong position or just a wrong sudden movement. It can be very painful or just a dull, nagging ache. A neck and/or shoulder massage could be a huge benefit to you.

Our therapists will use kneading techniques to encourage blood flow to the muscles and help them to relax. This may include gentle holding of the muscles for a few seconds at a time to relieve tensions.

Poor posture is sometimes to blame for neck pain, you may be encouraged by the therapist to watch your posture and to start doing stretching exercises throughout the day to assist with your recovery.

What are the benefits of shoulder massage?

  • Reducing tension headaches or migraines
  • Reducing chronic neck pain
  • Relaxation techinque
  • Reducing eye strain headaches
  • Relaxing facial muscles
Shoulder Massage
Shoulder Massage
Shoulder Massage