Are you looking for a Chinese massage in Bristol?

Chinese Massage techniques aim to promote your overall health by easing the flow of qi (“ch’i”) around the body. Massage has been a central part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years and practitioner’s aim is to release both physical and energetic tension, in order to restore a sense of balance and kickstart the body’s own healing process.

Qi translates as “breath” and is used to refer to the “energy flow” that is within every living thing.

Traditional Chinese medicine asserts that the body has its own natural patterns of qi that flow through meridians. Imbalances and blockages in these channels, as well as deficiencies of qi in key organs, are understood to cause the symptoms of many illnesses.

What are the benefits of Chinese Massage?

  • Can increase energy
  • Speed up the recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • Boost your circulation
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Support emotional health

It is important to ensure that you’re receiving the right treatment for your personal goals, so always discuss your needs with your therapist in advance of a session. Although Chinese massage may involve pressure or pinching when releasing blockages, it should never be so intense that it becomes painful.

You should leave your treatment feeling refreshed and revitalised.

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