Chinese massage has steadily becoming notable to many who are looking to have other alternatives to improve their physical and mental well being. Therapists who practice Chinese massage aim to improve your health by easing energy flow, restoring balance and energy circulation. This contributes to therapeutic benefits which include muscle realignment and stress relief. Because of its holistic approach, Chinese massage not just targets specific symptoms but also boosts the entire body.

Renewed energy and vigour

The traditional Chinese healer’s belief centers around the idea that inner energy points and pathways can be manipulated to encourage a more balanced flow of ‘qi’ or energy throughout the body. They identify pressure points and conduct several therapies, such as acupuncture and Chinese massage to revitalise the qi in the body and increase energy levels. This contributes to a better sleep and other stress-relieving benefits.

Improved Bodily Functions

Chinese massage clears the obstructions that cause pain and disease on our energy pathways. Using the meridian system, a web-like distribution network that links the body systems together, Chinese massage therapists identify the acupoints related to specific body organs and perform a series of therapeutic massages. This boosts circulation and improves respiration, which ultimately leads to a better cardiovascular health and healthier organ functions.
Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries
Since the soft tissue connects the body and alters the flow of qi, several therapeutic massage techniques are used to manipulate the body tissues. These can help relieve stiffness and pain on soft tissue injuries, such as lower back pain, frozen shoulders and sciatica.

Better Emotional Well being

Chinese massage practitioners believe that blockages in the energy’s flow not only disrupts your physical well being but also contributes to having a poor mental state that may often lead to stress, anxiety or depression. By realigning and working on your body system using a range of Chinese massage therapies, emotional stress that accumulated over time is removed.

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